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IM000004.JPGThis is the last posting for this blog. I made a commitment to write everyday in 2012. Today is the last day. I chose to use the same photograph I used on January 1, 2012 when I started this blog  – the sundial at the waterfront in Grand Haven, MI.

Today people look back on the year which is ending and think about what they’ve done or didn’t do. They remember good and bad times.

Today resolutions are also being made for the new year. Some will be kept. Others will be forgotten in a matter of weeks or even days.

We have the chance to make 2013 better than 2012. Granted, there are many things over which we will have no control. However, we can control how we will deal with them and if we try to deal with them alone or not.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”   (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

How will you spend the time God gives you in 2013? Will you wallow in self pity, letting depression take over? That’s what Satan wants you to do. He wants your focus to be totally on you. When that happens it’s easy for depression to set in when things don’t go the way you want.

The alternative is to focus on God and His son, Jesus Christ. There will still be some bad times. There’s no doubt about that. The difference will be in how you handle those times. Instead of saying, “poor me”, you can rejoice in what God has given you. You can know you are not alone.

Maintain a positive attitude in 2013. Keep your eyes on God. Let 2013 be a life-changing year for you. All time comes from God. Use it wisely and to the fullest.  HAPPY NEW YEAR and have a new year in Christ.



We look at time on the clock and by the calendar. Twenty-four hours in a day, 365 days in a year. We are always watching time. How much time do I have to get a project done? Hurry up 5 PM so I can quit work. When can I retire?

God doesn’t see time as we do. He is outside of time. “For a thousand years in Your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or a watch in the night.”  (Psalm 90:4)

“The length of our days is seventy years – or eighty, if we have the strength;”  (Psalm 90:10)

How are we spending the time we have on this earth? Are you a workaholic? Do you waste too much time on facebook or watching TV? How much do you spend in prayer and worship of God?

We should be praying each day to God for four things to happen:

1. Help me focus on what is right.

2. Help me focus on today.

3. Make me aware today of what God is doing.

4. Let me do something that has significance.

Examine how you spend your time each day. Are there some changes you can make? If so, start with just one change at a time and stick with it. You might be surprised what you can accomplish with your time.  Let’s not waste the time God has given us.