Peer Pressure – It’s a difficult thing to deal with no matter how old you are. If our peers keep nagging us to do something we know is wrong the pressure can be even harder to deal with. Example – two young boys enter a small store. When no one is looking Jimmy takes a pack of gum and puts it in his pocket. Then he tries to get Sam to take one, too. Or, you are getting paid to work from home. A friend really wants you to go with her to a great sale at your favorite store. She tells you the boss will never know you’re not working.

We face situations like these throughout our lives. What do we do? Maybe no one in the store sees the boy take the gum. Maybe your boss would never find out you ditched work and went shopping.

BUT – “You know my folly, O God; my guilt is not hidden from You.” (Psalm 69:5) God knows what we do. Do you want to live with the guilt of knowing God is very aware of the wrong you did?

You know what’s right and wrong. Stick by your beliefs and values. If the people applying the pressure are really your friends they’ll stop the nagging and might possibly admire you for your convictions. Your actions of doing right may actually prevent them from doing wrong.  Remember the popular saying, “What Would Jesus Do?”. You will never be wrong following His lead.


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