A few days ago I was driving through fog to get to a client’s home. As you can see from the picture I couldn’t see very far ahead of me. In some places it was even worse.  I hate driving in fog because you don’t know what’s in front of you, if there are hazards to avoid.  If the fog is really thick confusion can set in. You have no idea where you are because you can’t see any landmarks or street signs.

We can, also at times, walk around living in a fog. We are confused, not knowing which way to turn. We just exist from day to day.

Job said, “I am full of confusion; therefore, see thou my affliction.”  (Job 10:15 – King James version)

The writer of Psalm 44 wrote, “My confusion is continually before me. . . . “  (verse 15 – King James version)

However, we do not need to remain in the fog of confusion. There is a way out. “For He is not a God of confusion and disorder, but of peace and order. “  (I Coninthians 14:33 – Amplified version)

God does not want us to live in a fog, wandering in a haze of confusion. He wants to bring out the sun and disperse the fog, make the way ahead clear for us to see. God can bring order and clarity in place of the confusion.  Go to Him.


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