Coast Guard helicopter flies over the parade route during the Coast Guard Festival. The Coast Guard uses helicopters to fly over areas of water to help the CG boats locate people needing rescue. Also, if a rescue is needed and the boats can’t get to them, personnel will repel out of the helicopters to help. Periodically, we ‘ll see them over Lake Michigan running drills of rescue procedures.

God, also, observes us from above. “Look down from heaven and see from your lofty throne, holy and glorious.” (Isaiah 63:15)  “Faithfulness springs forth from the earth, and righteousness looks down from heaven.” (Psalm 85:11)

We can not hide anything from God. He knows when we’ve sinned. He, also, can see when we are in trouble or grief and need His help and support. God cares about everyone of us and is constantly watching over us.

Do you need His help and support? Are you in need of rescue? Call out to God. He observes you from above and will find you to provide whatever you need.


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