Christian symbol on a car.

Symbols are all around us. The Stars and Stripes represents the United States. Everyone recognizes a PEACE sign. A big shell on a sign means there’s a Shell gas station. A diamond ring on a woman’s left hand ring finger is the symbol of being engaged. There are also several Christian symbols as well. The two most visible ones appear to be the cross and the fish. The cross is obvious as the symbol of Jesus’ sacrifice for us by His death on the cross. The history of the symbolism of the fish may not be as familiar. Jesus’s first disciples were fishermen and Jesus made them fishers of men. When the Christian church was just beginning and under persecution by the Romans, followers of Jesus didn’t know who was friend or foe. When a Christian met a stranger he would draw an arc in the dirt. If the other person was also a Christian he’d know to draw another arc completing the picture of a fish. A non-Christian would not respond to the arc. Also, Christian meeting places and tombs were marked by the fish symbol. The fish has become a popular Christian symbol, seen on the cars of many Christians today. Are there other Christian symbols which have special meaning for you? I’d love to hear about it.


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