Memorial in cemetary, Zeeland, MI

More and more memorials like this one are being built. Some are for specific wars, others are all encompassing. We need to remember those who made the sacrifice of leaving families to serve our country and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice of dying for our country. Both of my parents were veterans, my ex-husband is a veteran, my son is currently serving (12.5 years and counting). My parents and ex-husband served before I was in the picture, but I live with the experience of not being able to see my son. I also know how hard it is for him to leave his wife and children when he is deployed. Please keep all our military in your prayers. We also need to remember someone else who made the ultimate sacrifice. That person is Jesus Christ. He did not have to take on the burden of our sins. He did not have to pay the high price for those sins. He chose to die for us. He loved us so much He was willing to take our punishment. He still loves us as our risen Lord. Our military personnel have chosen to serve and protect our country. Jesus Christ chose to serve and protect our eternal souls. REMEMBER.



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