The sign as you leave the parking lot of the Methodist Church of the Dunes, Grand Haven, MI.

If you look at all the professions there are you’ll see they all serve people in some way. I’m a social worker and I serve the elderly and disabled. A bank teller, store cashier, barber, teacher, business person, police officer, (the list can go on) all serve other people. We get paid to do these jobs. The sign in the picture is reminding us we are to serve others as Jesus did, for no pay. We are to be observant of others in need. We are to be willing to help in any way we can. No social status of ours is too high that we can’t get on our knees if we have to to help someone else. Jesus is the Son of God, yet He washed the feet of His disciples. Sunday morning when you leave your church think of this sign, “Leave to Serve”.


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