Cross at Covenant Life Church, Grand Haven, MI

Have you ever done anything to help another person without thinking about your own safety? I remember a time when my children were young. My son batted a bee hive while my daughter was standing under it. I heard screams. I ran out and saw my daughter literally covered with bees. I immediately grabbed her and brushed the bees off of her. Even tho’ I was stung a few times I wasn’t thinking abut me. All I thought of was to save her. (She got stung a couple times, but was fine.) Jesus saved us without thinking about His own safety when He went to the cross. He was in total control of the situation. He could have stopped His torture and death at any time. However, it was God’s plan for Jesus to take on the burden of our sins and pay the ultimate price for them, which was death. By His sacrifice of suffering a horrible, painful death we have life. Through His death and resurrection we were given eternal life with Him. We will not have to endure God’s wrath. Jesus endured it for us willingly, with no thought of Himself. During this time of Lent think about what Jesus’ sacrifice means to you.


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