Empty signpost, Holland, MI.

Something is not right here. We have a signpost, but no sign. There’s a void where the sign should be. That void is not helping anyone. There’s no advertising, no information, no anything. There is definitely something missing. You can’t just put anything to fill that void. The sign must fit the dimensions of the opening. Is there a void, an empty spot in your life? Have you tried filling it with money, possessions, addictions, sex, etc. and nothing fits? The reason nothing fills that void is because the things you are trying don’t fit – just like the specific dimensions of the signpost. Only one thing can fill the void perfectly and that’s Jesus Christ. God made us with that void so we would realize we need Him and would come to Him. Once you’ve accepted Jesus and the Holy Spirit enters your soul that void is filled. Seek the Lord and experience a full life.


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