Rocks and sand at the pier, Grand Haven, MI.

Rocks are solid. They are used for support and foundations for many structures. Sand, on the other hand, is loose and not stable. Wind and rain can cause sand to shift and blow away. Jesus told a parable about building on rock vs sand. (Matthew 7:24-27). Buildings on rock can withstand the forces of severe wind and weather. Structures built on sand are destroyed when rain and wind batter them because the foundation is not sound. Which type of foundation is your life built on? If it’s built on the values of the world it will shift and crumble because the worldly values are not stable. However, if you have the foundation of Biblical values and the teachings of Jesus your life will be strong and focused. This foundation is as solid as rock, not shifting with every whim that comes along. The choice is yours. Do you choose the solid rock or the shifting sand?


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