Best Buy sign in Holland, MI.

Everyone shops around for the best buy. We compare prices. We look at quantity and quality for the best deal. We also shop around for churches. Which one fits me best? Are you also shopping around for the best deal in regards to your eternal life? There are so many different religions in the world. Most of them you have to do something to earn your way into heaven. That’s not true for Christianity. There is no way any of us are good enough to earn or buy our way into heaven and eternal life. We know that and God knows that. That’s why His Son Jesus paid the price for our sins for us by dying on the cross. Then by rising again He can offer us the deal of a lifetime. He will give us eternal life with Him as a gift. All we need to is believe in Him and accept Him as the only Lord and Savior. If we truly ask Jesus into our lives His gift is free. There is no better buy than that.


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