The intersection of M-45 and US 31.

Everyday when we are out driving we have to deal with intersections/crossroads. Some of them have traffic lights, some have stop signs, and some we can drive straight through. At these crossroads there are times we have to make a decision. Do I want to turn right, or left, or keep going straight ahead? We also come up against crossroads when we have to make major decisions. Should I take a new job? Should I accept the marriage proposal? Should I go to college or not? These are decisions which change lives. How do you decide what your decision will be? My hope for you is that you include God in the decision-making process. Bring your concerns, the pros and cons of the choice to Him. Be open to letting God help you sort things out.


One thought on “CROSSROADS

  1. It is so great to see you blogging devotionals on wordpress. Between this and your book you will have a lot of material! Looking forward to seeing how God will use it all I do like how you organized your side bar. How did you archive your posts so they actually are on a different page? I set up an archive widget, but the posts are still on the main page.

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