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Basins of water and cloths are common around our homes when we are cleaning cupboards, scrubbing floors, etc. In Bible times it was customary for the host to have a servant wash the feet of his guests. They wore sandals and the roads were very dusty. The last night Jesus met with His disciples there were no servants to wash feet. To the shock of the disciples Jesus took a cloth and a basin of water and washed the feet of everyone of them. Afterwards Jesus said, “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.” (John 13:15) We usually don’t think about being a servant to others, but that is exactly what Jesus wants us to be. He wants us to be observant of the needs of others and help in any way we can. When was the last time you followed Jesus’ example?



A produce market in Grand Haven, MI.

We see signs similar to this one at all the farmer’s markets this time of year. The only fresh produce around is what’s shipped in for the grocery stores. Local fresh produce is still several weeks away. “Closed for the season”. Thank goodness God doesn’t close for certain times of the year. He is available  24/7, 365 days a year. (This year it’s 366 days.) We don’t have to wait for specific open hours or be concerned about holidays or time of the year. God is always there just waiting for us to call on Him. His Holy Spirit is also ready to be our guide and counselor whenever we need Him. I am so glad I don’t have to wait at all to approach God. Whenever I want to talk to Him I know He’s listening. There is a feeling of peace in knowing that. Have you talked to God today?  He’s open for business.


The Upper Rooom table at Covenant Life Church, Grand Haven, MI.

This is the table built by men of Covenant Life to represent the table Jesus used to serve the last meal for his disciples. That night Jesus told His followers of the symbolism of the bread to be a reminder of His body broken for them and the wine as a symbol of His blood shed for them. At that time the disciples probably didn’t understand what He meant, but they would a day later. Yesterday at Covenant Life we received the bread and wine (grape juice) from this table. Putting ourselves in the Upper Room added more meaning to Communion, at least for me. The next time you partake in Communion think of yourself being in that Upper Room, sharing that meal with Jesus. You will feel His presence and it will become very personal for you.


Covanent Life Church, Grand Haven, MI.

I know this photo is a little dark, but I think you can still see it all right. This is the church I attend. The sanctuary has been transformed into the Upper Room for Lent. This is the time of the year to focus on the events leading to Jesus’ death and glorious resurrection. Jesus was having dinner with His disciples for the last time. He knew He would be betrayed and arrested later that night. The disciples had no clue what was about to happen. Jesus spent this final time together teaching the disciples one last time how they should carry on. If you knew today was your last day on earth what would you do, who would you contact? We don’t know when we’ll die, but why wait telling people what they mean to you. Why wait doing something for someone else. Who knows, today could be your last.


Meijer store, Grand Haven, MI.

You walk into any Meijer store in the Mid-West and you can do all your shopping in one place. There’s groceries, clothes, electronic, toys, automotive, plumbing/electrical, housewares, etc. Meijer is an all-in-one store, a complete package. When you accept Jesus Christ into your life you also get a complete package. There’s God the Father who is loving, merciful, and just. Then you get Jesus the Son, the Lord and Savior, giver of eternal life. Finally, there’s the Holy Spirit, counselor and guide. Why are you still shopping around to fill your spiritual void when you can get all in one through Jesus Christ? Take that first step. Talk to a Christian friend. Stop into a church. Discover the complete package.


Central Park, Grand Haven, MI.

Snow hit us last night and continues this morning. Even though I am not a lover of winter I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of this snowfall. Everything is so white, so pure. The trees sparkle. This is God’s handiwork. Environmentally, we need the snow to replenish water in our lakes and rivers. We can not complain about the winter of 2012. We haven’t had much snow or nasty weather. Don’t think negatively of today’s snow. Think instead of the beauty God is sharing with us. Even if you have to go outside today enjoy it. Feel the excitement kids feel when it snows and they can play in it. Marvel at God’s handiwork.


A house just outside Holland, MI.

This picture shows a solid brick wall with several windows. At first glance you might think the wall is not much of a barrier because it has all the windows for looking in and out. However, that wall is deceptive. Look closer and you’ll see all the windows are frosted. They might let in a little light, but you can’t see through them. What kind of wall have you put up? You can appear friendly and cheerful, letting a little light shine through, but when others want to get close you block them out. This is similar to the frosted windows which you can’t see through. God did not make us to be alone. He wants us to be in community with one another. He wants us to help each other and to go to others when we need help. There are Christian friends just waiting to support and assist you as needed. Let today be the day you start de-frosting those windows. Let more light shine through. Reach out to others and to God. Tear down that wall.